Aménagement de jardin : les tendances de l’été 2022 ! -

Garden landscaping: the trends of summer 2022!

Each year, decorative trends are renewed to offer more aesthetics and to meet the needs of users. In this article, we advise you on good practices, materials and accessories to adopt this summer. For a trendy garden furniture, discover our range of living room cushion in pallet


A cozy and warm garden

Since the pandemic, the garden has become a real extension of the house. Indeed, for the past two years, we have become accustomed to welcoming our loved ones into our homes rather than meeting them on the terrace: as a result, the gardens are becoming more and more important in our social life and are becoming a real place exchange and sharing. And all of that is not about to change.

That's why, this summer, you'll have to think 'comfort' and 'cosy'. Think about setting up a real living room in your garden: sofa, coffee table, garden armchairs,... And why not an outdoor rug? In 2022, anything goes!


The outdoor sofa, the centerpiece of your garden furniture

At the risk of repeating ourselves: this summer, your garden should be cozy and welcoming. We can already imagine ourselves sipping a drink, chatting with friends or reading or reading a good book in the hollow of a comfortable sofa. Indeed, this summer, the sofa will be the essential part of your garden. 

The outdoor sofas you saw in store are too expensive for you? Can't find one that suits you? No worries, we have the solution! How about a sofa made from wooden pallets? A super trendy, ultra cozy and economical option. 

In addition to this, the pallet sofa is equipped with super comfortable, resistant and colorful cushions: you can choose from a wide range of colors the one that suits you best and that will give your garden the atmosphere you dream of. 


Which materials to opt for this summer? 

Who says cozy, says wood! A noble and resistant material, wood is timeless. Moreover, it ideally finds its place in an outdoor space. 

Wood also goes perfectly with a whole series of other materials: concrete, steel, ceramics... So you can compose the garden of your dreams as you wish. 


What accessories for my garden?

This summer, two accessories will be essential to create a cozy and bohemian atmosphere in your garden: "guignette" style lamps and floor cushions. In addition to being pretty, they fit everywhere: in a sofa, on the floor, as a purely decorative object,... 


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