Créer son univers lounge de jardin pour un effet cosy et tendance -

Create your garden lounge universe for a cozy and trendy effect

This summer, why not give your garden or terrace a cozy and warm look by installing a sofa? Have you thought about it, but garden sofas are too expensive? We have the solution for you ! Opt for a sofa made from pallets. Discover our range of cushions for your pallet garden furniture


Why choose a pallet sofa?

In addition to being economical (you can buy new pallets, but also try your luck on second-hand sites: you never know what nugget you might come across), the pallet sofa is also ultra trendy and will give your outdoor space an air of vacation and relaxation. Cozy atmosphere guaranteed!

But that’s not the only advantage: opting for a pallet sofa involves building it. Although it is very easy to do - see our advice below - building your sofa using pallets can become a great activity to share with friends, as a couple, among friends or with family. 

Wood is also a material that is both durable and very beautiful and fits perfectly into your outdoor spaces. 

Convinced? Here's how to proceed:


How do I build my pallet sofa? 

First of all, it’s about equipping yourself well. Here are the materials you will need:

  • 3 pallets (preferably Europallets)
  • 1 wooden slat the width of the pallet, i.e. 1.20 m
  • 1 cordless drill
  • 50×4 mm wood screw and 35×4 mm wood screw
  • 4 swivel casters (2 with brakes)

1era step: Stack 2 pallets to form the seat of your sofa and secure them with screws (35×4 mm).

2th step: Next, to create the seat structure of your sofa, screw the wooden slat onto the side edge of the top pallet on the using 50 mm screws.

3th step: Place the third pallet against the slat and screw the backrest on both sides of the pallet.

4th step (optional): If you want to create a mobile sofa, you can attach 4 casters under your sofa (the 2 swivel casters with brake must position yourself at the front of the sofa).

5th step: Decorate your sofa with comfortable and durable sofa cushions.

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