Pourquoi privilégier les coussins traités anti-UV et imperméabilisants de Deco-Arts.fr ?

Why choose the anti-UV treated and waterproof cushions from Deco-Arts.fr?

Why choose the anti-UV treated and waterproof cushions from Deco-Arts.fr?

1. Superior Quality: Authenticity and Handcrafted Each piece offered by Deco-Arts.fr is unique. Handcrafted, it reflects the authenticity and craftsmanship behind every detail.

2. Quick delivery, right at your doorstep Your time is valuable. That's why any order placed before 1pm is carefully packed and dispatched the same day, ensuring fast and hassle-free delivery.

3. Guaranteed quality anti-UV and waterproof treatment Our articles benefit from an effective anti-UV treatment for up to 1200 hours, guaranteeing the longevity of the colors. In addition, thanks to the waterproofing treatment, our cushions are water resistant and do not become sponges when wet. They also proudly display the OEKO-TEX 11388CIT CITEVE label, attesting to their quality and environmental safety.

Understanding Dual Processing: Protect the Longevity and Functionality of Your Cushions

Although our cushions are UV treated, it is essential to understand that any fabric, no matter how good, has its limits. Too much exposure to the sun can, in time, alter the liveliness of the colours. Plus, our waterproofing treatment ensures your cushions stay dry even when exposed to water.

Tips to prolong the beauty of your cushions:

  • Shelter your cushions on days with strong sunlight.
  • Consider using umbrellas or other forms of shade to minimize direct exposure.
Store your cushions indoors or in a sheltered place when not in use.

Conclusion: At Deco-Arts.fr, we are committed to offering superior quality products that combine aesthetics and durability. Opt for a outdoor cushion anti-UV and waterproofing treatment means choosing excellence both in terms of design and functionality. By taking care of your cushions and following our advice, you ensure that you benefit from a comfortable and elegant exterior for many years. Your satisfaction and the well-being of your outdoor space are at the heart of our mission.